The hi-tech process of Fiberglass Cargo Box
manufacturing, which was approved by ATP,
Germany. Fiberglass sheet with gelcoated
surface, imported from Germany. There is
non-toxic and fungus resistant,
so there
will not be any chemical residue in food and
beverage. Carryboy Cargo Box produced
under German Federal Law on Foodstuffs
and Consumer Goods.
All cargos for all models and brands of pick-up trucks produced by smooth and seamless. Fiberglass
sheet with the quality of light weight and strong, easy repair and maintenance, and no corrosion.
The smooth panel is the place for advertisement to advertise variety products and services of yours.
With all these remarkable cargo qualities which made Carryboy the one true leader in cargo technology.
Cargo Box : install with all models and brands
of pick-up.

Model Exterior Interior Loading
L (mm.) H (mm.) W (mm.) L (mm.) H (mm.) W (mm.)
CBSS Made to order in special design and height; lower than 1,370 mm.
CBS 2,420 1,370 1,750 2,370 1,250 1,680 4.9 245
CBM 2,420 1,650 1,750 2,370 1,530 1,680 6.0 300
CBL 2,420 1,970 1,750 2,370 1,850 1,680 7.3 350
CBLL Made to order in special design and height; higher than 1,970 mm.
*    Some details may be changed without prior notice.
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  Today, Manufacturer of CARGOBOX use different kind of material to make the panel : Aluminum , Stainless,
Steel and Fiberglass. The best material now is Fiberglass because light weight, No rust , Easy to maintenance
and less heat transfer.
CARRYBOY import fiberglass sheet from Germany to build Carryboy Cargobox.
So , We can make box bigger and more load capacity under GVW by law.

   From the above reason , CARRYBOY CARGOBOX will make you save fuel , less times to transport , more loading capacity and easy
to maintenance, easy to repair on the damaging area , less cost and time to repair. the out side panel available to advertise your
product and service.
    Today , The fiberglass sandwich panel body is the best system for build the CARGOBOX for transportation. And this system was
approved by ATP Germany ( Approved for Transport of Perishable Foodstuffs)
Response to all transports and loading with perfect design that fits to your business. Manufacture, assemble, and install with Germany
We design to load more with less transportation, and get
more profits. You can be assured that all of your transportations and
services will be fast with cost and time saving.
                        Sandwich Panel System produced
from seamless Fiberglass with gelcoated surface.
Endurance with XPS foam.
Special Zinc steel sheet with
anti-corrosion coating. Plywood
to absorb bumping with anti-
corrosion Fiber sheet.
Main Structure produced from
high grade aluminum with
Anodize coating; giving a
strong and light structure.
Exclusively design for Carryboy.
For best bonding for tensile
and sheering strength. UV
protection grade. No cracking.
No yellowish, and no fungus.
Prolong the usability.
Main structure


Floor Crossing Frame
Interior Floor
Under Floor Support
Upper frame, lower frame, and front post frame made from the high quality
aluminum extrusion.
Sandwich panel vacuum system. Exterior and Interior panel is Glass Fiber
Reinforce Plastic sheet gives UV protection. Insulation made from high density
XPS foam, and bond with high quality adhesive vacuum.
Zinc plate cross member sub-frame

Metal Extrusion Sub-Chassis along the car chassis
Produced from smooth zinc coating steel sheet.
Flooring with Glass Fiber Reinforce Plastic-Plywood-Glass Fiber Reinforce
Plastic sandwich vacuum system.

Front Light
Side Light

Interior Light
Rear Light

Safety Switch
Green L.E.D. bright light 2 pcs.
Red L.E.D. bright light 2 pcs.
Yellow L.E.D. bright light 2 pcs.
2 white lights with on-off switch

including with break light, turn
signal light, and reversing light.
open and close a circuit
automatically when open and
close the door.

Rear Door

Rubber Seal

Lock Stay

Lock and latch
Door Hook

Handle Opener

GRP-Plywood-GRP sandwich.
Bonding with high quality
adhesive vacuum.
High quality PVC; flexible, all
weather endurance, non-toxic
High quality stainless steel
(1 set/ 1 door)
High quality stainless steel
High quality stainless steel
High quality stainless steel
2 sets.
High quality stainless steel
with lock and key
2 sets
Handle Opener
with key

Made from stainless
steel. 3 lock levels
with handy, endurance,
and anti-corrosion.
Front scoop (option)
Aerodynamic design made
from FRP. Fuel save.
Rear door lock pillar
Produced from stainless
steel. Endurance,polish
and anti-corrosion.
Ready to adjust.
Light height checking
Endurance, beauty, and
modern front green L.E.D.
light on each side.
Stainless steel hinge
produced from
stainless steel,
anti - corrosion.
Stainless steel
flat head bolt with
waterproof seal for
door hinge.
Auto on-off switch for
interior light

Prevent the damage to
goods, circuit, battery,
and body.
Interior light
Fluorescent 18 W., gives
you brighter than other
Dim light
Rear L.E.D. two red and
yellow on top of each
other.Make you safe.
Plastic end cab over
the bolt head

For interior protection.
Made from premium
grade plastic; durable
and endurance.
Help you save fuel.
Less budget, more
profits. (option)
Cargo Hook Mild steel
material with anti-corrosion
coated. Prevent your goods
to be slip. 3 positions on
each side.
Rear door

from food grade
plastic extrusion.
Waterproof and
Rubber bumping
Produce from
premium grade
rubber. No cracks
and no washed-out.
Lock and latch
Stainless steel forged
lock and latch
Break Light
with elegant design and give
safety while driving.
Waterproof Rivet
Large end cab.
Endurance and
strong bonding.
Stainless steel door
swing lock and latch

Endurance and anti-corrosion.
Prevent panel from damages.
Silence while driving.
Special Bolt
produced from
galvanized steel with
Dacro coating. Attach
container with Chassis;
prevent from loosen.
Supported Chassis
Produced from galvanized steel “C” bending.
Engineering calculated for correctly distribute
load and stabilized drive.
Auxiliary Spring
Enhance loading
Side Skirts
Produced from premium
grade fiberglass.
Endurance, light weight.
Rear Bumper with
door step

made form stainless steel.
Strong and endurance.
Rear Mud Guard Produced
from durable rubber,enhance
with special fiber. Prevent
spatter from rocks.

The cool utility body [ +25 ]

Cooling eventually the cargo. Keeping temperature
down to -25 degrees swiftly.

The cool utility body [ +15 ]

Keeping temperature down to -5 degrees.
1.92 Kw. Around 35 degrees. Compressor
velocity is 1,800 rounds/minutes.

   High grade aluminum

checkered plate floor.

   Stainless steel floor

Smooth, elegant, and polish

Lobe stainless steel floor.

Convenient use.

   Fiber Floor

Fiber with white, smooth,elegant

   Wooden tongue rails

Made from quality wood.

  Temper Glass

Made from extra thick
glass. There are many
designs and sizes, or
design by customer

  Sliding Glass

Ultra thick. 2 rails can
open 50%. There
are many sizes,
up to customer

Spare Tire Lock

Swing spare tire set.
Install at the rear
container with
spare tire canvas.

Goods Hook

Upper goods hook
set made from anti-
corrosion coating
steel, to prevent and
lock goods. This is
an optional.

Reverse Censor

made for driver who
needs safety while
reverse. There will
be alarm sound
when get near

2-wheel cart

with lock and key
install at the rear
side. Lock tight. Not
loosen while driving.


Side Skirts

Create your own side skirts
with aluminum or other
materials you want. Made
to order all kinds of side skirts.


Multiple A-frame for
trailer, truck, and pick-up.
Green movement business. We help you save money
and time with loan services for entrepreneur. This
will be worthwhile. For more details,

Air Passage
Extra large.

Good ventilate. Long
tube or pole carried on.
Air Passage
Good ventilate air
and temperature
in the cargo.
Air Passage
Good ventilate air
and temperature
in the cargo.
Air Passage
Ventilate heat and
pollution in the cargo.
Air Passage
Make the air flow
and cooled engine.
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