CARGO BOX — The body specialist, has the experience & expertise in dry freight body building. With 34 years experience as customer body specialists, developing a specification to meet your needs is not only our primary goal, it’s our proven area of expertise. Cargobox with a heart of service is committed to the leader in cargo technology.
The Best in Value !!
The hi-tech process of Fiberglass Cargo Box manufacturing, which was approved by ATP, Germany. Fiberglass sheet with gelcoated surface, the quality of light weight and strong, easy repair and maintenance. There is non-toxic and fungus resistant, so there will not be any chemical residue in food and beverage. Carryboy Cargo Box produced under German Federal Law on Foodstuffs and Consumer Goods — It’s a favorite of a variety of delivery businesses.
Carryboy's series of dry freight pickup/truck bodies are designed and built to satisfy your every need. Cargobox can custom build the body-type you prefer.
Model Exterior (mm.) Interior (mm.) Loading Capacity
Length Height Width Length Height Width
CBLL Made to order in special design and height; higher than 1,970 mm.
CBL 2,420 1,970 1,800 2,370 1,850 1,730 7.5 360
CBM 2,420 1,650 1,800 2,370 1,530 1,730 6.2 310
CBS 2,420 1,370 1,800 2,370 1,250 1,730 5.0 255
CBSS Made to order in special design and height; lower than 1,370 mm.
** Some details may be changed without prior notice.
A thorough test drive is vital. It's your best chance to make sure you're comfortable, that you'll enjoy driving the car and that it's right for all your needs. Our sales reps are knowledgeable and professional. We'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Come on in and take a test drive!
Today, Manufacturer of CARGO BOX use different kind of material to make the panel : Aluminum , Stainless, Steel and Fiberglass. The best material now is Fiberglass because light weight, No rust , Easy to maintenance and less heat transfer. CARRYBOY import fiberglass sheet from Germany to build Carryboy Cargobox. So , We can make box bigger and more load capacity under GVW by law. Fiberglass sheet with the quality of light weight and strong, easy repair and maintenance, and no corrosion.
From the above reason , CARRYBOY CARGOBOX will make you save fuel , less times to transport , more loading capacity and easy to maintenance, easy to repair on the damaging area , less cost and time to repair. Today, The fiberglass sandwich panel body is the best system for build the CARGO BOX for transportation. And this system was approved by ATP Germany (Approved for Transport of Perishable Foodstuffs). The out side panel available to advertise your product and service.
If you need it, We can build it.
Cargobox pickup bodies are designed and built to handle all your cargo needs with the following chassis manufacturers : Toyota hilux, Isuzu d-max, Mitsubishi triton, Nissan navara, Chevrolet colorado, Ford ranger, Mazda bt 50 pro, Tata xenon, Volkswagen Amarok
Response to all transports and loading with perfect design that fits to your business. We design to load more with less transportation, and get more profits. You can be assured that all of your transportations and services will be fast with cost and time saving. The smooth panel is the place for advertisement to advertise variety products and services of yours.
Dry freight pickup bodies are very versatile and can be configured many different ways to fit your specific application. Our craftsmen excel at providing custom pickup body solution to fit your exact specifications — Cargobox is the best choice for pickup bodies.
Dry freight new truck bodies are manufactured with durability in every seam to withstand the toughest job sites and road conditions. whether your industry is general delivery, package delivery, furniture, office supplies, landscaping or equipment rental.
Standard Cargo-Half Dimensions :
Exterior — Length 2,400 mm x Width 1,630 mm x Height 1,380 mm.
Interior — Length 2,350 mm x Width 1,580 mm x Height 1,800 mm.
Cubic capacity — 6.68 cu.m.
The premiere dry freight pickup body on the market
Main structure
Main structure


Floor Crossing Frame
Interior Floor
Under Floor
Upper frame, lower frame, and front post frame made from the high quality
aluminum extrusion.
Sandwich panel vacuum system. Exterior and Interior panel is Glass Fiber
Reinforce Plastic sheet gives UV protection. Insulation made from high density
XPS foam, and bond with high quality adhesive vacuum.
Zinc plate cross member sub-frame
Metal Extrusion Sub-Chassis along the car chassis
Produced from smooth zinc coating steel sheet.
Flooring with Glass Fiber Reinforce Plastic-Plywood-Glass Fiber Reinforce
Plastic sandwich vacuum system.
Front Light
Side Light

Interior Light
Rear Light

Safety Switch
Green L.E.D. bright light 4 pcs.
Red L.E.D. bright light 2 pcs.
Yellow L.E.D. bright light 2 pcs.

L.E.D. bright light with on-off switch
including with break light, turn signal
light, and reversing light.
open and close a circuit automatically when open and close the door.
Rear Body Parts
Rear Door

Rubber Seal

Lock Stay

Lock and latch
Hinge Door
Hook Handle

GRP-Plywood-GRP sandwich. Bonding
with high quality adhesive vacuum.
High quality PVC; flexible, all weather
endurance, non-toxic
High quality stainless steel
(1 set/ 1 door)
High quality stainless steel
High quality stainless steel
High quality stainless steel 2 sets.
High quality stainless steel with lock
and key
2 sets
A general purpose high cube dry freight body, with added space as the primary advantage of the XPS (Extruded Polystyrene Foam). The absence of exterior seams and rivets provides an ideal surface for custom decals and painting.
Sandwich Panel System produced from seamless Fiberglass sheet with gelcoated surface. Endurance with XPS (Extruded Polystyrene Foam).
Mill Aluminum Extrution, T6 grade and homogenized, which provide strong and light application.
Aluminum frame structure
Main Structure produced from high grade aluminum with Anodize coating; giving a strong and light structure. Exclusively design for Carryboy.
Adhesive bonding for best
For best bonding for tensile and sheering strength. UV protection grade. No cracking. No yellowish, and no fungus. Prolong the usability.
Front scoop (option)
Aerodynamic design made
from FRP. Fuel save.
Light height checking
Endurance, beauty,
and modern front
green L.E.D. light
on each side.
Rear door lock pillar
Produced from stainless
steel. Endurance, polish
and anti-corrosion.
Ready to adjust.
Hinge and Bolt
Stainless steel hinge produced from
stainless steel,
anti - corrosion.
Handle Opener
with key

Made from stainless
steel. 3 lock levels
with handy, endurance,
and anti-corrosion.
Auto on-off switch for
interior light

Prevent the damage to
goods, circuit, battery,
Interior light LED
gives you brighter than
other bulbs.
Dim light
Rear L.E.D. two red and
yellow on top of each other.
Make you safe.
Rear Bumper with door step
made form stainless steel. Strong
and endurance.
Extrusions aluminium flooring
T6 grade and homogenized, which provide strong and light application.
Rear door sealing
from food grade plastic extrusion.
Waterproof and seal.
Lock and latch
Stainless steel forged
lock and latch.
Stainless steel door
swing lock and latch

Endurance and anti-corrosion. Prevent panel from damages. Silence while driving.
Break Light
with elegant design and give
safety while driving.
Side Skirts
Produced from premium grade fiberglass. Endurance, light weight.
Auxiliary Spring
Enhance loading capacity.
Supported Chassis
Produced from galvanized steel “C”
bending. Engineering calculated
for correctly distribute load and
stabilized drive.
3 CNG Cylinders
210 Liter
Super Injection 3.0
The options to meet any customer requirement. We are built using the same exacting standards used to manufacture all complete pickup bodies — The solution to fit your exact specifications.
The cool utility body [ +25 ]
Cooling eventually the cargo. Keeping temperature
down to -25 degrees swiftly.
The cool utility body [ +15 ]
Keeping temperature down to -5 degrees. 1.92 Kw.
Around 35 degrees. Compressor velocity is
1,800 rounds/minutes.
Scoop logo and Scoop spare tire
made ​​of fiberglass lightweight,
reduce friction.
No matter what business environment you compete in, Cargo Box can custom-create the perfect options body for your business. Premium materials, quality. Cargo Box the top choice for your bottom line.
Tempered glass

Made from extra thick glass.
There are many designs and
sizes, or design by customer
Sliding Glass

Ultra thick. 2 rails can open 50%.
There are many sizes, up to
customer requires.
Tow bars for cars and pickup
We choose only quality products for your safety, so you can rely on loading goods with the international quality hitch set. You need to proof for yourself with Carryboy Trailer.
Interior Floor Designs
Ready for you to choose according to your needs.

We always start by listening. Once we understand your needs, we apply our innovative engineering and design to build a pickup that will help you operate your business effectively and efficiently. Combining skilled craftsmanship with advanced automation, our team works to deliver products that keep getting the job done time after time.

Make it easy to accommodate and secure loads.
Aluminum extrusion flooring (Standard)
Smooth stainless steel
Fiberglass flooring
Waved stainless steel flooring
Stainless steel checkerplate
Tongue and groove wood flooring
Laminate flooring
The option products are also custom designed to suit site specific requirements, we can engineer a solution to suit your needs.
1. Spare tire lock
2. Air vents
3. Steel side skirts
4. Hand trolley
5. Reverse sensors
6. Hook
We have the expertise to produce the ideal one for you.
Cargo Nets, Luggage Nets
Keep all of your cargo exactly where it belongs with this luggage net. A great add on to your vehicle's trunk, it secures all belongings to the cargo area floor to keep everything protected and secured.

  • Large net is great for Cargobox.
  • Net made of heavy-duty seatbelt webbing.
  • Carabiner hooks securely clip to vehicle cargo tie points
  • Protect you luggage from shock.
    make it and tidy
* Carryboy Cargobox. reserves the right to change or modify the price, amenities, interior, exterior and specification at any time without prior notice.
** All designs and techniques of the products have been protected by law; from patent and copyright. The imitator will be prosecuted.
*** The descriptions and illustrations shown here are for information purpases only. Pictures may vary from actual unit.

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