The special cargo for public relations, and events; fit for
all kind of business. The cargo can be modified to the
business and customers’ requirements.


Mobile service for dog health consultant, vaccinated,
and grooming. Carryboy has been made a special
design of interior and exterior for a suitable service.
Outside has wrapped with stylish sticker, which can
be business advertising.
The new commercial mobile, with side open cargo. This will suitable
for public relations, promotion, and road show events. It can be
seen from far sight. This will include with electrical control cabinet,
power plug, 15 m.-power cable, 5 sets of neon light, and front
scoop; that can be storage things.
The multi-purpose cargo, which comes with
unique style for both in and out. This has been
designed for customers to use as advertising,
or services. It will easily to reach to the target,
and increase an opportunity to expand
the business and advertising.

KTB on the move

The mobile service ATM of
KrungThai bank is decorated
with the specific design both
inside and outside which the
mobile ATM bank service has
already been available
throughout the country
64 units.
The one true leader, who can give choices of truck
to be modified., any types and brands of truck, such
as Toyota, Izusu, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda,
Chevrolet, Tata, Suzuki, Kia, DFM mini truck,
Hyundai, and other series and brands that
customers require.

Provincial Waterworks Authority

Provincial Waterworks Authority mobile
service unit provides water payment.
Ready to service at your home.

Diphaya Insurance

The mobile service for car
insurance services, Compulsory
Motor Insurance, Personal accident
nsurance, Car accident claim, insurance premium payment
(credit/ cash)

Thailand Post

The postal service for national delivery.
Open-close so easily with sliding door.
It can be scrolled to left and right, so
convenient for handling and shipping.

Mobile Service

Mobile service with tool kits to repair,
maintenance, and check-up. Ready to
service all over the country.
Install the extra thick sliding glass
with 2 rails; can be slide 50%.
There are many sizes for customer
to choose.

Tool hook cargo

Tool hook cargo install with holes panel. Ready
to hang all tools. The door can be fully opened.
(door panel)

Right stage installation

Special dry cargobox. The right stage
(foldable), devices can be customized
by customer requirements.

Mounted of electric generator
Power generator

For more convenient and quick to move, the power
generator can be moved easily to any location without
a trailer. This will be installed within the cargo.

Commercial media mobile

Sticker can be attached for public relations, reputation,
images, and merchandise promotion; to be well-known.
(Design, produced, and attached the commercial sticker.)

Commercial mobile car with
LED monitor

Cargo with outdoor LED monitor
for commercial media. This can
be installed in various formats.
Increase more attraction to
advertising, with splendid look
of light and colorful. It can be
seen from far sight.

Advertising mobile set

Design and install special cargo;
for both in and out, for presentation
activities, and parties. This can be
modified as customer’s requires.
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