Since 2006, Cargo Box has provided customers with high quality, work-ready transportation solutions. Today, The Cargobox Manufacturing Company is Asia's most popular manufacturer of truck bodies and truck modifications. There are more work trucks on the road today with "Cargo Box" stamped on the truck body than any other manufacturer. Click on images below to your interests !!


The Perfect Work Truck


Ready To Mount !!


Versatile & Work Ready
The Cargo Box (Mini Trucks) offer options for hotel and resort businesses, universities, warehouses, and large apartment complexes. They can be used for the toughest jobs, for example, landscaping, hauling trash, laundry, team sports equipment, tools and materials for repair work and more. Just pick the style that works for the intended use.

Transport Services and Logistics

The small cargo box that works
Cargo Box is expanding its commercial vehicle offering with the introduction of the Suzuki Carry light commercial vehicle.
Cargo Box has the flexibility and capability to produce highly customized truck bodies to suit the most challenging applications. Our dynamic and innovative team works closely with customers to create unique and practical solutions to these challenges.
The DFSK Body Mini

Freight Transport

The quality and finish of our mini bodies are second to none. We build our bodies using one of the most aerodynamic radius front nose cap systems in the industry. An extremely important feature in this era of high fuel costs.


We also build our truck bodies on the most advanced and efficient chassis available today. a truck with the best quality, longest lasting, most environmentally friendly body available? How about integrated, high-efficiency LED lights? Cast aluminum corners with extruded top braces that shrug off tree limbs, decrease maintenance costs and boost product life? No problem!
* Carryboy Cargobox. reserves the right to change or modify the price, amenities, interior, exterior and specification at any time without prior notice.
** All designs and techniques of the products have been protected by law; from patent and copyright. The imitator will be prosecuted.
*** The descriptions and illustrations shown here are for information purpases only. Pictures may vary from actual unit.

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